Check Out the New Tail Arts for the 466th DIAMONDBACK PILOTS..

Image #1 is a 466th Blue Aggressor Tail..

Image #2 is a 466th Dress Blues Tail

Image #3 is a 466th Dress Greys Tail Skin..

The 3 New 466th Tail Skins that are F4 Patch Compatible and Work in

the F4 Patch Skins 3.2 and F4 Patch Skins 4.1 Folders: Modified by " Zipper "

ATTENTION ALL Members of the 466th Fighter Squadron

The " OLD "Skins are the early 108US Custom 466th TailArt and Installer for Non F4 Patch Version

Falcon:: If you Need the New F4 Patch Compatible Skins, Download them at the Bottom of this Page.

and in 15 minutes you will be Engaging MIG 29's in you,re Custom DIAMONDBACK F-16.

Old Download Small Snake Here..

Old Download Large Snake Here...

Old Download Great Installer Utility Created by ~ Julius Onion

Get the New 466th F4 Patch Tail Skin and Instructions BELOW.!

NEW " F4 Patch Compatible 466th Tail Skins..1st Make a Backup Copy of the Original 1182 Files in

Falcon F4/F4 Patch/Skins/F16/VW Dress Blues,,VW Dress Grays and VW Blue Aggressor Folders::

Next Download the New 466th TAILSKIN Zip Files into a Seperate Folder.! Then UnZip the New 1182

Files into the Above Matching Folders::The New Files Will Replace the Original 1182 Files .Last,Open the

F4 Patch and Check On One of the Bullets ,ViperWear Dress Blues,,Dress Grays or ViperWear Blue

Aggressor Skin.. Once in the Falcon 4 GAME,The 466th DiamondBack Tail Will Appear ~ Download

The 466th Dress Blues Tail with a SnakeHead in COLOR,Like the One Shown in IMAGE #2...HERE.!!

DownLoad the 466th Dress Greys Tail with a SnakeHead in BLACK OUTLINE.IMAGE #3 Download..HERE.!!

Download The 466th Blue Aggressor Tail..with a SnakeHead in COLOR.Image #1.Download ..Here.!!

DownLoad 466th Patch for the LOGBOOK ~Uzip into Microprose/Falcon4/Patches Folder.Download Here..!

108 AirBrake Patch.Fixes the AirBrake Problems.!Unzip into Falcon4/Sound Folder..Download ..Here.!

...............................Thank You...~ Col. Zipper